Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I am launching this blog with a hate message to Michael Bay

This could be my first and only cherish it

I witness a summer blockbuster last night. It wasn't what I hope it would be. I didn't hope for anything actually but let me tell you that I was more entertained by the content of my cat's puke than this piece of rubbish. An expensive rubbish nevertheless...

It cost me RM10 to watch Transformers Revenge of the Fallen last night. Not considering the effort I put into the booking and being ahead in line, I think value alone I spent RM25 on this rubbish. After booking the movie days earlier I was hoping to see something entertaining.
Before the movie, everyone was so hyped about it. I was so excited to watch the movie that I made a research before the movie. I study about the characters and all, you know, so that I won't get lost...... After the movie, I regret making the effort.

I dunno where to start in expressing my utter hate and despise for the movie. But before I start expressing my hate message to the movie and the masterclass director, I think I should give some plus points about the movie.

Personally, my favourite part of the movie was Bumblebee. He doesnt talk

Now lets begin with the expression of hate, or EOH.

The movie is terrible...period. Instead of typing a long EOH that would make people bored, I am going to simplify this by using pointform for my EOH.

  1. The movie was draggy
  2. Too much explosion
  3. Too much lame jokes
  4. Too much lame / corny lines
  5. To much of slow motion boobs movement (I can find cheaaper alternative on the net)
  6. Lack of character build up
  7. Dumb story
  8. Stupid characters

I can go on and on. I am just gonna leave it to that first. If I need to unleash my EOH again, I will.

All I can say to conclude this is that I am calm now. Typing this EOH is a good therapy.